Who doesn’t love to drive a car? everyone does but only a few know how to drive carefully without harming anyone else because when you drive a car you should take responsibility for others safety’s as well because being a good human and citizen you don’t want to hurt anyone that is why people say drive careful with open eyes and ears. There is some precaution which should be taken while driving and keep yourself and surrounding safe.

Always wear a seat belt

Wearing a seat belt is one of the most important things to do right after you sit in a car because it protects a person in many ways one should never avoid it.

Don’t break signals

Signals are made for the safety purpose and one should not break the rules being a responsible citizen you should follow the signals no matter how in an emergency you are because your careless could be the reason of someone’s else injury or accident and breaking the signals is one the major reasons of the accidents so people should take the reasonability of not breaking the signals to protect others lives. Link here https://drinkdriveassist.com.au/behaviour-change-program/ provide a good program for driver.

Never drink and drive

If a person who knows he has to drive a car he should not drink because after drink alcohol a person who is not in his senses how he can drive a car that is why a person should avoid drinking alcohol while driving or before driving because it is not safe for himself and for the other people who are on the roads and street. For example, you are out with your friends and you all are friends meeting after so long where you have eaten amazing food and had alcohol as well now you know you have to go back home and you have to drive a car by yourself and you are not in your senses in that case you should avoid driving a car or book a cap for you otherwise it will be dangerous for you and risky at the same time because if police find you they will arrest you and there are chances they will cancel your driving license plus you have to pay the penalty so this could be very risky. Some of the people are habitual of the alcohol and they cannot live without alcohol for them behaviour change program drink-drive Assist from drink driving course offer for them they should take classes of it.